Root Canals

Root canals are needed if decay in a tooth reaches the pulp of the tooth, where the nerve and blood supply of the tooth is located. When the decay is that deep, the tooth is unable to be fixed with a filling, and a root canal is needed to treat the tooth. Often times there is pain associated, and a visible abscess is present. Other symptoms include: sensitivity to hot/cold, pain when biting or pressure, throbbing pain, area is swollen, or a bad taste is present in the mouth. One common symptom is the pain keeping you up at night.  There are times where no symptoms are present and current infection is displayed by x-rays. If we determine you have an infected tooth we will talk with you about root canal treatment to remove the infection and save the tooth. We will complete your root canal treatment in our office if the tooth is an anterior tooth but most posterior teeth we refer to a specialist where we feel their specialized equipment and training is best at treating for long term success.  The tooth will have no feeling to it and is susceptible to breaking, therefore a build up and crown is needed to restore the tooth in many instances.


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