Digital and Laser Technology

Our office is a state of the art practice, offering the latest in digital technology. We use digital x-rays, intra oral cameras, Diagnodent cavity detection, as well as The Wand digital anesthesia. These advances allow us to diagnose and treat you better and faster.


Digital x-rays

– are faster, produce 80% less radiation than film radiographs, and can be viewed immediately.  Due to the x-ray being stored electronically, we are able to view it at any time, enhance to improve visibility, and submit electronically to a specialist or insurance company.


Intraoral cameras

– are a great tool to provide visual information to allow you to see what is going on in your mouth. The intraoral camera is a hand held digital camera that is used to take pictures of your mouth and existing restorations.  This allows us better visibility to potentially diagnose any conditions or areas of concern in your mouth. Zoom in capabilities can help us see some of the following conditions: worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, plaque build-up, recession areas, and cavities starting next to existing fillings. These images can be displayed on our TV monitor allowing us to educate you with any areas of concern.  After education, we will excel with treatment and patient care.



– is a laser technology that aids in detecting cavities. This hand held tool, uses a small light or laser to scan your teeth. When a cavity is present, fluorescent light of a different wavelength bounces back to the sensor and an audible sound is made and translated to a digital read out. The higher the number the greater the amount of decay that is present.  With the Diagnodent, we are able to catch decay when it is small, and would have been undetected in the past with traditional diagnosis. This provides better treatment for you with smaller, less costly restorations. In addition, you are able to retain more of your own natural tooth, and have better long term results of the restoration.



– technology is a computer aided manufacturing machine that allows us to custom fabricate tooth colored restorations, crowns, and onlays right here in our office and all in a single appointment. This technology is healthier for you because it provides accurate restorations with minimal tooth prep required, leaving you more of your natural tooth structure intact. These restorations are also very natural and provide cosmetic aesthetics. With this technology we are able to offer you strong and beautiful results in just one appointment!


Dental Lasers

– help us treat conditions in the mouth using light energy.  We can use lasers on soft tissues like gums, and on hard tissues like teeth and bone. Lasers can be used to reshape healthy gum tissues or removed diseased gums. They can be used to treat some sores in your mouth, as well as others with periodontal gum disease. Lasers are quiet, precise and painless. They can minimize bleeding and swelling. In addition, lasers speed up your healing process and reduce the risk of infection.


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