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Falls Park Dentistry is a family and cosmetic dentistry office in Greenville, SC. We can restore implants.. Dental implants are used to replace lost teeth, and are quite stable. Let us complete your smile with a reliable dental implant that looks as good as it functions as a replacement tooth.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is the most natural looking and functional replacement to a missing tooth. The implant is a titanium post that replaces the root of the missing tooth. A crown is then placed on top of the implant to function as the crown of the tooth. Implants are strong, comfortable and secure. Implants can be used to support single tooth crowns, multi-unit bridges and full arch dentures.

What to Expect from a Dental Implant Procedure

We recommend a specialist (Oral surgeon or periodontist) to place the implant. Placement occurs in several phases and treatment length varies. Sometimes additional procedures such as bone grafting or sinus surgery may also be involved. 

After you have healed and the implant has securely fused to the bone, you are ready to complete treatment in our office. We will attach your crown and give you home care techniques for a long term solution to replace a missing tooth.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Although we offer other dental restoration services, dental implants might be the best possible solution for your missing teeth. The prosthetics have a number of distinct advantages that put them ahead of other dental appliances with the same function. Here are some of the benefits of dental implants:


A permanent and secure fit

Dental prosthetics such as dentures are not designed to be permanent, which could expose them to the occasional loose and uncomfortable fit. Nothing can be more embarrassing than your dentures suddenly falling out in the midst of eating or talking. Dental implants, on the other hand, are securely embedded into the patient’s jaw for a natural and permanent fit. They are secure enough that there is little risk of them falling off.


No need for natural teeth alteration

Dental bridges require the operating dentist to first file off a portion of the teeth next to the patient’s missing tooth/teeth. This is so that the bridge can fit over the filed teeth and give the impression of a continuous row of teeth. Dental implants will not require any filing, allowing patients to keep the rest of their natural teeth.


Long-lasting durability

With daily care, dental implants will last for a lifetime. The implants are designed to fuse with the bone of the jaw over time, so eventually they will look and feel just like real teeth. The dental crowns fitted over the implants are impervious to tooth decay and the like, and can be replaced as needed.

If you feel that dental implants are the right option for you, visit Falls Park Dentistry today. A cosmetic dentist in our Greenville, SC office will first assess your teeth and your jaw’s bone density to determine if it can support the implants. Once you have been cleared, a specialist will then proceed with the process of installing the implants.


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