Family dentists deal with general dental problems, including simple dental trauma, all the time. Adding to the core of their practice, family dentists nowadays also deal with those having an intense fear of the dental chair. In this particular area, family dentists make use of a number of psychological principles in order to put their patients at ease.

Dealing with Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is defined as any damage to the teeth caused by the application of physical force. The damage can range from a chipped tooth to large fractures that can reach the dental pulp. In some cases, the trauma can cause the tooth to become loose or be knocked out. No matter what sort of damage your teeth will experience, a good dentist is nearby to help.

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Dentists treat dental trauma in a number of different ways. Some of the more popular procedures being utilized by dentists when dealing with dental trauma include simple crowns, dental implants, and dental filling. A dentist will then determine the right procedure based on the extent of the damage to your teeth.

For this to happen, however, the dentist would need first to make an X-ray of your oral cavity. The best course of action is always to take the advice of a dental professional to ensure that your teeth receive the most efficient, convenient, and highest quality care as possible. Unfortunately, this becomes a more challenging story when dental phobia is involved.

The Curse of Dental Phobia

As the name implies, dental phobia involves the fear of dental treatments or anything else related to dentistry. In some cases, dental phobia can simply be a fear of seeing a dentist. This is then addressed by the emerging practice of family dentistry which implements psychological knowledge and trends to help with anxiety and phobias. Applying psychology to dentistry allows dental patients to experience comfort and peace of mind before, during, and after an operation.

Aside from applying principles of human psychology, a family dental provider in Greenville, SC might also use such services as sedation dentistry in order to put the patient at ease. With sedation dentistry, a dentist would typically make use of anesthesia or a numbing gel in order to keep the patient from feeling any discomfort during the procedure.

Rest assured that by going to a family dentist for oral problems like dental trauma, you’ll find less reasons to be terrified of the dental chair.


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