Why should you consider dental implants?  Even with amazing dental health care being available there are still millions of people who suffer tooth loss.  While this can be from any number of reasons often times it is due to tooth decay, gum disease, and/or sustained from an injury.Dental-Implants-Greenville-SC

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are natural looking replacement which placed in your jawbone to provide support for crowns and dentures. Dental implants in Greenville SC are long-term solutions for missing teeth with a 98% success rate, with proper care, dental implants can last for a lifetime.

Are You a Candidate?

Most adults are able to have implants, however, certain uncontrolled medical conditions can decrease the effectiveness of the implant treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss your medical history with your Greenville SC dentist to determine if implants are right for you, as results can vary for each individual.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Implants, bridgework and dentures are all useful for replacing missing teeth, however, implants come with a great deal of advantages, including the following:

  • Implants offer independent support and retention to bridgework, crowns and overdentures and reduce the load on the remaining teeth.
  • Natural teeth can be preserved as implants don’t require adjacent teeth to be cut down as compared to conventional bridgework.
  • The placement of implants has been shown to reduce the need for subsequent restoration of adjacent teeth.
  • Current data suggests that implants last for a much longer period of time than conventional teeth restorations.
  • Loose fitting dentures can be embarrassing when they become dislodged. Replacing them with implant overdentures helps to improve stability, support and retention.
  • Overdentures can help support and improve facial contours, decreasing the risk for premature wrinkles.
  • Full dentures can affect your ability to speak properly and eat your favorite foods. Many studies have reported that implant overdentures contribute to improved speaking and chewing efficiency as opposed to full dentures.
  • Implants are strong and stable and are a great replacement for lost teeth as they look, feel, function and fit like your natural teeth.
  • Improved Oral Health.  Dental Implants help maintain oral health as cavities cannot occur in a crown that has been implant-restored. However, regular care and cleaning is still necessary daily.

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