The clear white teeth you were so proud of back in college have now darkened after several years of smoking. Peer pressure and work stress could have induced you into the unhealthy habit of smoking while your dental and oral health paid the price. If you can’t quit right now yet aspire to have a flawless set of teeth, you may consult a local cosmetic dentist first to restore your attractive smile.

discolored teeth

These days, cosmetic dentistry has various treatments like veneers and bonding to improve and restore damaged teeth. Bleaching or teeth whitening remain popular among many because of the available whitening agents that they can buy for home use. Different whitening options using the latest technologies are also offered in established dental offices today with a competent Greenville dentist to identify and administer the right one for you.

Patients who really don’t have the time for in-office procedures may choose whitening agents or trays recommended by their dentist. A team of experienced Greenville, SC dentists from established dental offices such as Falls Park Dentistry can provide patients with options for in-office bleach systems or at-home whitening trays for their own convenience. If you prefer to do it at home, it helps if you have your dentist teach you on the proper use of these trays and ask for vital information about the ingredients.

Coffee, wine and poor dental hygiene are other known causes of teeth discoloration among American adults. Besides neglected oral health, worse cases that also result to discolored teeth involve fatal accidents and oral diseases. Adult teeth are quite vulnerable to stains mostly because the white layer of enamel wears away over the years, requiring more of your attention when it comes to their care.

Nonetheless, whitening systems are not only for patients with discolored teeth. Individuals with naturally yellowish or dark-colored teeth could also utilize whitening solutions for brighter smiles. The cost of whitening treatments depends on several factors, so it’s best for you to discuss the possible fees with your dentist before having anything done.

Start having a healthier lifestyle from now on to keep your teeth healthy and your overall body in good condition as well. Even if whitened teeth may last two years or so, avoid too much intake of substances like nicotine and tar in cigarettes that can stain your teeth.

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