Cosmetic dentists in Greenville, SC offer their patients a variety of orthodontic treatments. Each of these treatments is designed to help their patients achieve the smile of their dreams. Having straight, clean teeth improves oral health. Also, there are psychological and social benefits to having an attractive smile.

Beautiful Smile

Appear Successful

Patients who visit a dentist for cosmetic treatments often experience a change in the way that they are treated by the people around them. Research has shown that Americans see people with straight teeth as being more successful. These studies have also demonstrated that those with straight teeth are more likely to get jobs even if they are competing against others who have similar skill sets. The conclusion is that people believe that those who have straight teeth are richer and have greater professional success.

Boost Your Confidence

When a person has a crooked smile or stained teeth, they often try to hide their smile from the world. After visiting a clinic for cosmetic dentistry procedures, patients begin to feel better about their smile. They don’t feel like they have to hide their smiles, and they have a boost in confidence that allows them to try new activities, meet new people, and build lasting relationships.

Appear More Approachable

Research has shown that men and women with straight teeth are perceived as smart, healthy, happy, and approachable when compared to individuals who have crooked teeth. Having straight teeth makes it easier to make friends and actually attracts people to a person.

Make a Powerful First Impression

A person’s teeth are the first thing that others notice about them. Crooked, stained, and missing teeth make a bad first impression. However, if a person receives cosmetic dentistry procedures and gets their teeth aligned or corrected, then they no longer worry about making a bad impression. People are more focused on what individuals with straight teeth have to say as opposed to being concerned about their crooked teeth.

There is a wealth of research out there showing that in modern society, looking abnormal has a negative impact on the way one is perceived by others. The reality is that people tend to evaluate one another based on the first impressions they receive every single day. Get in touch with a dental professional like Dr. Brian Derrick in Greenville, SC today to get a head start.

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