A smile is truly an amazing feature that can brighten the day of practically everyone. At the same time, some people may feel embarrassed or even guilty about their smiles. That being said, a dentist in Greenville, SC can help an individual feel more confident about his or her smile through cosmetic treatments.

One of the greatest hindrances people can have with smiling is that their teeth are discolored. There can be a wide variety of reasons why teeth are not white. Tobacco use, poor brushing habits, medication, coffee and other items can influence how white teeth are. Whatever the situation may be, dental professionals can address stains by whitening teeth professionally. A specialized mouthpiece that is filled with a solution that whitens teeth can be used. In other cases, there have been times where a professional uses a laser or similar type light in order to ensure that each tooth receives the whitening that it needs. People who have had their teeth whitened can feel confident to attend social events and display a proud smile wherever they go.

Another source of embarrassment among people concerning their teeth is the fact that they are missing one or a few teeth. Like discolored teeth, there can be numerous reasons why a tooth is missing, such as a sports-related injury, an everyday accident and so forth. However, the focus is not on the reason but on the solution. Dental implants have been providing adults of many ages with an excellent solution to missing teeth. An implant, which is designed to match with existing teeth in terms of shape and color, is surgically attached to the jawbone of a patient by a process that is called osseointegration. Although there is a recovery period, patients feel great about how their teeth look and can flash a smile with confidence.

A smile is an expression of an individual. Although some may be reluctant to display a smile, regardless of whether their teeth are looking great, a dentist in Greenville SC is more than willing to enhance a smile. Dentists have the experience, expertise and knowledge that can produce excellent results. The benefit of an enhanced smile is that an individual feels truly fantastic.

There are various procedures help teeth look great and provide people with greater confidence and a cosmetic dentist in Greenville, SC can help an individual enjoy and feel great with their most beautiful and confident smile.


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