Whether you like or not, your pearly whites won’t remain pearly white forever. Teeth naturally become discolored due to aging, gradually turning into a yellow-brown hue over time. It doesn’t help that much-loved beverages like soda or tea constantly stain your teeth.

If you’ve looked in the mirror and found yourself unsatisfied with your chompers’ color, you may have thought about buying whitening strips, which popular over-the-counter solutions promising markedly whiter teeth in a matter of weeks. You aren’t alone, though–given their relatively affordable price, it’s not surprising that consumers have bought them in droves.

whitening strips

But are tooth whitening strips truly worth your time and money? A respected Greenville dentist says that while there are merits to using these DIY whiteners, professional tooth whitening is still the best option.

One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Each person has differing levels of tooth discoloration. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf tooth whiteners are mass-market products that don’t really take into consideration the current tooth color of the user. Even if the product guarantees to lighten discolored teeth by three shades, a person with severe discoloration might end up dissatisfied with the results.

How Patient Are You?

As an over-the-counter solution, whitening strips can’t provide the same results in the same amount of time that professional whitening can offer. If you’re okay with waiting for weeks before seeing markedly whiter teeth, then perhaps strips are a suitable option. However, if you’re a bride-to-be who’s about to get your pre-nup photos taken very soon, you’re better off seeing a dentist now.

Results May Not Be Permanent

You’ve waited weeks to get whiter teeth, but there’s an important catch: the results are not long-lasting. In general, you can expect a relapse between six months to a year of using whitening strips. However, this isn’t to say that professional whitening is permanent, though it effects are longer–up to three years. Remember also that if you smoke or drink highly tinting beverages, discoloration can still occur.

Ooops, the Strip Fell Off!

For the most part, whitening strips are considered set-it-and-forget solutions. Unfortunately, the adhesive may not stick to the teeth very well, which limits their efficacy. This is a concern because most people will put on whitening strips right before they go to bed, only to find that the strips have fallen off.

Indeed, people looking to get fast results with lasting effects should get professional teeth whitening from a reputable Greenville, SC dentist to get the best results. If you need to know more about it, just schedule a visit and your doctor will discuss the procedure further with you.

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