Sharp, metallic objects and unnerving drill sounds often scare children from going to the dentist or worse, develop within them a fear that prevents them from having regular check-ups. The child’s experience in the first dental check-up would most likely affect the way he or she perceives dental treatments in the future. Therefore, it helps if parents inform their little ones of the importance of dental visits, and if they stay by their child’s side during every appointment.

pediatric dental exam

The first dental exam is a great opportunity for dentists to get to know the oral health of children and teach them about proper oral health care. Meanwhile, children may get to know that dentists are not as dangerous as they thought they are thus, lifting away any pre-conceived anxiety. Indeed, there is nothing to be scared of with having dental exams for the first time because it lasts only for a short while with little to no minor treatments carried out.

The general condition of a child’s mouth, including teeth and gums, is checked for possible problems during comprehensive oral exams every six months. Parents are encouraged to schedule their child’s first dental visit when the first tooth erupts or after the child’s first birthday to develop this into an early habit. At a young age, the child would also be able to understand from a dentist in Greenville, SC on how proper oral health care contributes to his or her overall health.

Dental offices with a team of professional dentists in Greenville, SC will be asking parents about the child’s medical history including recent illnesses that might affect oral health like how juvenile diabetes makes the child vulnerable to gum disease. It also helps to bring the child’s medical records that include medications so as to prevent overlap of drug prescriptions in the future. Finally, be prepared to answer questions that involve the child’s behavior or habits that affect dental health such as thumb-sucking and teething.

A recent study showed that a third of Americans don’t visit their dentists regularly, which eventually leads to neglected dental and oral health. A dental exam, especially regular visits to the dentist’s office encourages both you and your child to maintain proper oral health care. Early development of good dental care habits would result in healthy teeth and body when a child grows up.

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