The journey for proper dental health never ends. In the quest for whiter teeth, there are certain foods everyone knows to avoid, like coffee and red wine; however, there are other lesser-known culprits that can stain your teeth — and there are also foods that can actually help brighten and clean your teeth when you eat them regularly.

Foods to Avoid

Aside from coffee and red wine, you should also avoid many starchy foods. These foods can raise the level of bacteria in the mouth and lead to the erosion of teeth enamel. This can lead to sensitivity of the teeth and reduce their natural whiteness. Sugary breakfast cereals fall into this category; the combination of sugar and starch makes it far more likely that they’ll get stuck in plaque between the teeth. If you insist on eating breakfast cereals, make sure to brush your teeth after you finish your meal.

foods to avoid

A dentist in Greenville, SC says people should avoid tea. The tannins in tea, much like in wine, can stain the teeth. Due to tea’s much darker color, the stains can be more intense and more prominent than those caused by wine, making them a challenge to remove.

Foods to Eat for Whiter Teeth

There are certain foods that naturally aid your quest for whiter and brighter teeth. Strawberries are one of them; chock-full of malic acid, strawberries act like a natural astringent to remove surface-level stains from your teeth.

Dentists in Greenville, SC also recommend eating nuts. Because of their rough texture, nuts help to rub the surface of the teeth clean. Just make sure to avoid them getting stuck between the teeth, as this can give plaque a place to hide. Fresh apples have a similar effect, and their high water content encourages the mouth to produce saliva.

Broccoli may not be on your list of favorite foods, but it should be. This little vegetable can act like a natural brush and scrub your teeth. It’s best eaten raw, as the flavorful crunch and fresh juices help to eliminate bad breath and scrub your teeth clean.

Changing up your diet can make all the difference. By adding the right foods into your day-to-day meals, you can use nature to help keep your teeth clean and bright.

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