Cracked, chipped, or even missing teeth may seem like a hopeless case, but not in the hands of a dentist. With their help, you can bring back the former beauty of your smile and further improve on your oral health.

Root canal procedures, fillings, bridges, and bonding treatments are among the most common procedures a dentist may recommend to restore your teeth. These may seem scary at first, but knowing more about these procedures can help you manage your expectations and prepare you for a trip to the dentist.


Root Canal Treatment

One of the most common dental procedures is the root canal. In this procedure, a Greenville dentist extracts infected pulp from the root of the tooth and replaces it with a synthetic material. A successful root canal ensures that the patient can continue using the tooth as before through biting, chewing, and other normal activities.

Fillings for Cavities and Cracked Teeth

Cavities are much less common today that a generation ago due to sealing and other dental techniques. However, cavities still form due to plaque. Accidents happen, too, that may crack a tooth, requiring repair. When these happen, your dentist may recommend dental fillings.

You have options regarding materials the dentist can use to fill the tooth. Gold and silver fillings, for instance, last for up to 15 years. Composite resin fillings are more versatile than metal fillings because they match the tooth color and bond to tooth enamel; however, they do not tend to last as long as gold or silver fillings and the cost may be higher.

Bridges Fill Gaps of Missing Teeth

If a patient is missing teeth in multiple places in his or her mouth, dentists may recommend getting a bridge. Placing two or more crowns with a false tooth in between bridges is both cosmetic and functional. Filled in gaps betters the appearance of your smile, and improves functionality for chewing, speaking, and more. Bridges also stop teeth from moving out of place.

Bonding to Fix Various Dental Issues

Dental bonding is a common procedure used to fill gaps in the teeth, repair chipped or decayed teeth, or change the shape of the teeth. During the procedure, the dentist applies bonding material to the teeth, allows it to harden, and trims it as needed.

Bonding does not remove the natural tooth enamel; however, one drawback is that the bonding material may stain over time. Nonetheless, it is a simple procedure that can quickly change the appearance and functionality of teeth.

Learning more about some of these repair procedures will help you have a better understanding of what Greenville, SC dentists might propose to fix a problem with your teeth.


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