Pregnancy can bring about a huge number of physical changes, and they’re not always on the positive side—recurrent back pains, fat buildup in the arms and ankles, and hormonal fluctuations. When such changes occur, simple joys from having a white and healthy smile seems a fairly acceptable trade-off. Still, the question remains: can pregnant women visit a local dentist operating in the Greenville area and elsewhere and have their teeth cosmetically treated?

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The answer is somewhat complicated. So far, there’s been no scientific research proving that teeth whitening for expectant mothers is good or bad, though several makers of whitening products recommend that pregnant women avoid their products for the meantime. Some dentists have also advised their patients to wait until after pregnancy before they can use over-the-counter whitening products. The concern is born of the belief that the chemicals in said substances are somewhat acidic to cells, and may have an affect on the developing baby.

Still, there’s the fact that such a concern has not been validated yet. Several dentists contend that teeth whitening during pregnancy is safe under specific circumstances. A Florida-based dental practitioner also mentioned in a WebMD article that peroxide (the active ingredient in teeth whitening solutions) is generally safe for adults, even if a small amount is ingested. Then again, such a procedure technically falls into the “better not take the risk” category, since no one yet knows what the chemicals could do to the baby inside the womb. Olitsky recommends using a whitening toothpaste instead, as well as adhering to a good oral hygiene routine, which includes regular dental visits.

For optimal safety, expectant moms are advised to wait a few more months once they are over 12 weeks pregnant before they can go and visit trusted dentists serving the Greenville, SC area or nearby locales. Instead of undergoing teeth whitening right away, pregnant women can have their teeth cleaned regularly for the meantime until they have given birth. A dentist can skillfully assess a pregnant patient’s oral and dental condition and create a dental plan accordingly.

Bottom line is, pregnant women should always endeavor to seek second opinion from trusted professionals on whether it is actually safe for them to undergo any treatment, regardless of its nature (medical, cosmetic, dental, etc.).


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