Blake Lively, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts− these are just some prominent celebrities whose smiles have been looked upon by millions of people everywhere. What you might not know about their smiles is that they weren’t always that way; they actually needed the help of a dentist to fix their pearly whites and make them camera-ready.

Celebrity Smile

Think that you can’t achieve a red carpet-worthy smile by yourself? Think again, for with the help of a skilled dentist and these easy tips, your smile can be worth a million  dollars and always camera-ready. Make your smile a dazzling one right out of Hollywood with these steps:

Choose your Food Carefully

One way to make your smile a million megawatt affair is to stay away from foods that can stick between teeth and ruin your smile, and opt instead to munch fruits and vegetables, particularly hard and crunchy ones like carrots and apples. In the case of apples, these are actually great for cleaning your teeth and removing stains. The act of chewing these crunchy foods, meanwhile, increases your mouth’s saliva production, which is essential to countering bacteria buildup.

Sip with a Straw

Colorful food and drinks are absolute no-nos when you’re after a whiter teeth, especially tea, coffee, red wine and soda. Generally, food and drinks that can stain a white cloth have a bigger chance of staining your own pearly whites, so avoid them as best as you can. Can’t live without your usual cup of coffee in the morning? Drinking it through a straw can help you avoid stains, but you should still make sure to rinse and brush your teeth after drinking your morning coffee.

Wear the Right Lipstick

Sometimes, achieving a whiter smile can be as easy as changing your lipstick color and creating a little optical illusion. Wear a bright red lipstick, which is an effective way of making your teeth stand out more and appear whiter than they really are. Blue-based lipsticks in particular are even more effective in making your teeth look extra white than orange-based ones.

Seek a Dentist’s Help

There’s still nothing that can beat a visit to a dentist like those from Falls Park Dentistry in Greenville, SC. In fact, you can achieve the quickest and the most drastic teeth whitening procedure that lasts for a lifetime with proper care simply by visiting a dentist. You have numerous options for teeth whitening, from Zoom In-Office Whitening to Whitening Trays, which you can use in the comfort of your home. With their help, you can see your smile being compared to a Hollywood superstar.


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