Gum disease is a mouth infection caused by the proliferation of bacteria on the surface of our gums and teeth. This bacterial infection can easily lead to bleeding gums, receding gum lines, persistent halitosis (bad breath), mouth sores, and/or tooth loss if it is not addressed immediately.

Unfortunately, many people find detecting gum disease to be a difficult task, and it’s not very surprising. Unlike most dental issues, gum disease does not cause much pain or discomfort in its earlier stages. According to the CDC, one out of every two American adults aged 30 and older suffers from gum disease.

gum disease

As dentists in Greenville, SC will tell you, preventing a disease from happening is better than curing it. With that in mind, here are four simple ways you and your family can avoid gum disease:

Floss Your Teeth

Your toothbrush is designed to clean the surface of your teeth, not dislodge trapped food in between your teeth. Proper flossing helps dislodge trapped food particles, a common food source for oral bacteria. Do not hesitate to ask your dentist which type of dental floss is best for you.

Use Antiseptic Mouthwash

Teeth only make up about 25 percent of your mouth, so brushing and flossing can only do so much. Supplement your oral care routine with antiseptic mouthwash to clean areas your toothbrush and dental floss do not reach. You may also ask your dentist which antiseptic mouthwash he or she would recommend for you.

Quit Smoking

If you need another reason to kick the smoking habit, know that smoking significantly increases the risk of gum disease. This is because smoking weakens your body’s ability to fight bacterial infections. Similarly, smoking makes it harder for your gums to heal properly.

Visit Your Dentist

Visiting a trusted dentist, such as Dr. Brian Derrick of Falls Park Dentistry, cleaning can significantly reduce the progression of gum disease. Professional dental cleaning sessions can easily remove any plaque buildup on your teeth.

If you have already noticed the signs of gum disease, do not delay seeing your dentist, especially if he or she offers periodontal cleaning services. This special procedure is designed to remove bacterial pockets from the gums, helping prevent gum disease from progressing.


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