Although family dental experts in Greenville, SC are capable enough to help any family with its dental problems, wouldn’t it be better to stop the problem from even happening? Regular dental check-ups at local clinics like Falls Park Dentistry can ensure that the overall state of your oral health is at its best. Some people may think that it’s all about teeth and gums, but your mouth as a whole is actually one of the most critical areas of your body.

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Preventative Care

First of all, many diseases often show their earliest signs in the mouth. For example, early tooth loss is often indicative of an increased risk of Alzheimer’s while gum disease can be commonly found among those who suffer from diabetes. Furthermore, oral infections have also been linked to heart diseases. This is not to mention the possibility of oral cancer, either in the mouth or the throat.

It’s not just general health concerns. Good oral health means teeth and gums that are safe from the usual problems like gingivitis and tooth decay. You’d be able to smile with confidence, without any worries about how your teeth and gums look. Family dentistry experts would be able to head off any potential dental health issues before they become problematic and can offer solutions to already existing problems.

What to Expect

There are three parts to a normal dental check-up. The first one is an external examination of your head and neck.  A dentist will check your face, parts of your jaw, your lymph nodes and your neck. This is mainly to find any signs of oral cancer and to detect if there’s anything wrong with your jaw. The next part is an internal inspection. The dentist will check for signs of gum disease. After that, the dentist will check if your teeth are in good condition. They will try to identify any particular damage that can be resolved like chipping, cracking or cavities. They will also check on any fillings, braces and other dental improvements.

The final part of the check-up is teeth and gum cleaning. Regular brushing only removes superficial plaque and tartar. More stubborn deposits will need to be scraped away. After that, a dentist can polish your teeth and give you tips on the further care of your oral health like how to floss properly. Regular check-ups are key to maintaining you and your family’s dental health; arrange a schedule for them with your dentist to ensure it.


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