Proper dental care for children starts from the time they are born, or as soon as their first tooth erupts, then carries on throughout their entire life. Visits to the dentist can be terrifying for some kids because of the strange noises coming from the metal instruments used. The idea of an unfamiliar person poking and drilling in their mouth with shiny, cold, and sharp objects frightens the little ones as well. Needless to say, it might be a challenge for parents to convince their children to go to a dentist, but here are a few tips on how to persuade them.

Overcome Fear of Dentists

According to Rhea Haugseth, D.M.D., American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s president, when children start their dental checkups early it can provide a ‘dental home’ where all their needs, whether a periodic preventive visit or an emergency, are addressed. Kids can start visiting Greenville, SC dentists as soon as their first tooth grows or when they turn a year old.

It’s important for parents to be honest with their children regarding the whole procedure. They don’t necessarily need to explain the exact details as it might frighten their kids. Refrain from saying that there won’t be any pain or other related details as it might affect their expectations and trust simultaneously, if ever treatments are needed. Replace harsh and rough dental terms with positive words to make them look forward to seeing their dentist.

Showing visual images or watching cartoons with dental themes can help in making them familiar with the procedure. Role-playing with kids and letting them do pretend dental procedures on their stuffed toys can also make them feel comfortable once they actually start their real visit.

Expect some tantrums and fussing on the appointment day and be prepared by staying calm. Parents have two options: to stay at a distance and let the professionals handle the situation or hold their kid’s hand, which provides comfort.

Providing bribes such as sweet treats, after dental treatments are not advisable as experts say that it contradicts the whole essence of taking care of their teeth. Parents may opt to provide small tokens or say positive remarks about their kid’s bravery instead. The bottom line of having such dental visits is the importance of having good overall health. Emphasize to your young ones that healthy teeth are vital to their well-being because it is what they use for eating nutritious food.

A reliable Greenville dentist from established practices like Falls Park Dentistry makes it a priority that their patients, from tots visiting for a scheduled checkup to adults coming in for teeth whitening, are at ease by providing a positive experience along with a relaxing environment.

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