Many people aspire to have dazzlingly beautiful pearly whites. Indeed, they often go through great lengths and try various solutions to attain this beauty ideal. Dr. Harold Katz, for instance, says that certain types of food like apples and strawberries possess intrinsic teeth whitening and cleaning properties that keep plaque and stains at bay. In an article for Sunday World, Dr. Katz cites cheese as one such whitening aid:

Make Your Teeth Sparkle

Most of us see cheese as a guilty pleasure, but it could actually help you in your quest to whiter teeth. The naughty snack raises the pH level in the mouth, making it less acidic and preventing discolouration and tooth erosion. Calcium also helps strengthen your teeth.

Dr. Katz also recommends green tea, strawberries, and dark chocolate to those who yearn for whiter teeth. That said, these basic remedies pale in comparison to the more extensive Zoom in-office teeth whitening treatments provided by a reputable Greenville dentist like Dr. Brian R. Derrick. A Zoom treatment involves the application of hydrogen peroxide whitening gel on the patient’s teeth, which is then ‘activated’ by a light source over the course of three 15-minute sessions. A fluoride paste is then applied on the teeth to reduce sensitivity. If things proceed as planned, the entire treatment shouldn’t take more than an hour to finish.

Prior to any Zoom treatment, an experienced Greenville, SC dentist will first need to conduct a dental exam. Screening helps ensure that patients with sensitive teeth, worn enamels, or dental trauma do not suffer any adverse effects as a result of the procedure.

One might think that teeth discoloration is a largely cosmetic problem that does not really warrant professional attention. Yet, this problem can prove hard to remedy and may, in some cases, be indicative of conditions like tooth decay, root canal issues, and the like. Given that 99 percent of adults consider their smiles as one of their most important social assets—at least according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry—patients with discolored teeth would do well to see a dentist who can provide the appropriate solutions.

(Source: Certain foods can make your teeth sparkle, Sunday World, June 19, 2014)