One thing most celebrities have in common is a perfect set of teeth. It leaves a lot of people wondering how all these stars are able to achieve a bright glistening smile. Fortunately, dental modifications aren’t exclusive to Hollywood actors and actresses, but regular folks as well.

8 Steps to a Better Smile

An experienced dentist in Greenville, SC who has mastered these dental techniques can provide a set of teeth suited to each patient. The technology has evolved so much over the years and cosmetic dentistry is something more and more people are getting into, especially if they have the means to do so. Everyday Health writer Jan Sheehan says:

The first thing a person sees when they meet you is your smile, says Abenaim, and having crooked, stained, or missing teeth can affect your confidence. There have been great advances in cosmetic dentistry over the past decade, and it is possible to fix most cosmetic problems. Veneers for improving the appearance of crooked, stained, or oddly shaped teeth and orthodontics for straightening teeth are only two of the many cosmetic procedures offered.

A common misconception is that a perfect smile can be achieved simply through cosmetic dental treatments. True, these procedures are well within reach and have contributed significantly to oral aesthetic improvement. Attaining a perfect set of teeth, however, is a combination of several factors, such as seeking treatment from a professional, regularly maintaining the teeth, and having a proper diet.

Surface procedures like teeth whitening can lighten the color the crown’s enamel, while cosmetic dental appliances like porcelain veneers may alter the shape and structure of the teeth. A cosmetic dentist in Greenville, SC, such as Dr. Brian Derrick of Falls Park Dentistry, tries his best to create fixtures that act as the “face” of the mouth, but it will be up to the patient to properly care for them.

It’s inevitable for anyone to be placed under a microscope. They can’t help but feel vulnerable to criticism, as they are constantly observed and scrutinized by others. As a result, people can’t help but put a premium on their looks, even if it’s just miniscule details like their teeth.

Getting treatment and professional advice from a cosmetic dentist may be pricey, but in the end it’s a lifestyle choice that allows people to have more control over the way they look and present themselves.


(Source: “8 Steps to a Better Smile,” Everyday Health)