It’s safe to say that everyone wants their teeth to be as white as possible. Despite regular brushing, however, the staining and yellowing of teeth can be difficult to avoid. Teeth discoloration is caused by a number of factors, including stains from smoking, coffee, wine, illness, drugs, and aging; with food and smoking being among the most common reasons. When brushing isn’t getting the teeth as white as before, then it may be time to visit a Greenville dentist for a professional solution.

There are many methods that dentists can recommend to whiten teeth. They may simply advise the use of a whitening toothpaste, which has stronger polishing abilities compared to your standard toothpaste. A typical whitening toothpaste has hydrogen peroxide which can help lighten enamel surface stains.

Dentists may also recommend a teeth whitening tray, which they may provide or can be purchased over-the-counter. Dentist-provided whitening trays are the preferable choice, however, as these can be custom-fitted to the patient’s teeth.

The whitening trays work by placing a whitening gel in the tray before putting them over the teeth. It is worn for a prescribed amount of time–usually days or weeks–because the whitening process happens gradually. These are very convenient tools that can be used while on-the-go or at home, making them ideal for people who travel often or have little time to go to the dentist’s office.

In-office procedures are preferred over take-home methods, however. These procedures are carefully monitored and can yield faster results. They also allow for better control of the bleaching process, so that it is not overdone as to damage the teeth or irritate the gum tissue. Also, some stains or discolorations can be treated more effectively with in-office procedures, including those caused by tobacco use, certain foods, and aging.

Patients who do not have time for frequent dental visits should ask a Greenville, SC dentist like Dr. Brian Derrick of Falls Park Dentistry about Zoom In-Office Whitening. This can get teeth about 8 times lighter, and takes only one application that can often be done in less than an hour.

Your dentist can recommend various teeth whitening options, depending on the condition of your teeth, as well as your needs and preferences. While teeth discoloration may not be something you can stop, you can certainly find solutions to help keep your smile as bright and as white as possible.


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