One could say that healthy self-esteem begins, in part, at the dentist’s office. It’s sad to see a lot of people with dental issues like a missing tooth, crooked smile, yellow teeth, etc., avoid the gift of smiling. They hide their mouths or look away, because they are too embarrassed to show off their smile.

Dentists Explain

An article in the Wall Street Journal investigated what a genuine grin can do for people, and research shows that smiling really does the body good. The article found that the intensity of a person’s smile can help predict life satisfaction over time and even how long one lives.

Marianne LaFrance, a psychology professor at Yale University added:

“People who smile more tend to elicit more positive connections with other people,” which in turn helps to make you happier and healthier.

That’s why routine visits to your Greenville dentist are vital to you and your family’s health. These compassionate and skilled professionals know exactly how to look at each patient’s needs and goals for a healthy and more beautiful smile, no matter what age someone is. A smile can always be improved in the simplest ways.

When searching for a family dentist, one should examine the expert’s background, training and excellent attention to a family’s total oral health needs. Whether it’s filling a tooth, extracting a bad one, suggesting braces, root canal treatment and more; the patient should feel comfortable in the office atmosphere. Teach your children not to be afraid of dental professionals as early as possible so that they have the same attitude towards dental hygiene once they’re all grown up. The dental visit should signify relaxation and a positive experience.

The U.S. is very lucky that dental professionals and dentists from New York City to Los Angeles and everywhere in between like Greenville, SC are all skilled in the newest technology and treatments available. There are many choices for cosmetic dental treatments, depending on a patient’s needs, such as teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges, and more. These modern features can all become an affordable reality. A healthy, gorgeous smile speaks volumes to everyone that a person will meet and it’s a great investment that goes a long way.

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