Establishing a thorough dental hygiene routine is important, even from a young age. Babies should have their first dental check up with a pediatric dentist at a Greenville family dentistry practice within six months of getting their first tooth, or no later than their first birthday, to ensure that tooth and gum health is developing normally. Additionally, parents of young children should start integrating independent tooth brushing into their child’s nightly routine starting at around age two, using toothpaste that is safe if accidentally swallowed. Encouraging kids to eat healthy food, limit their sugar intake, and maintain regular brushing and flossing patterns will set them up for optimal dental health in the future.


Dental Tips for Teens

Up-keeping dental hygiene is critical during adolescence, especially for those who have orthodontia. Teens who have braces should brush and floss after every meal to ensure that no food residue remains stuck in brackets or wire, as it can lead to severe decay. In addition to seeing their orthodontist on a regular basis, teens with braces should also visit their family dental practice in Greenville, SC every six months for cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments to make sure their teeth will be in healthy condition when the braces come off.

Maintaining Oral Health for Adults

Oral health maintenance continues to be important in young adulthood and middle age, and can include retainer usage and regular dental check-ups. To prevent having to get procedures such as root canals and implants in the future, adults should make sure to schedule appointments with their family dental practice in Greenville, SC, as well as with dental specialists for cosmetic procedures such as whitening and veneers. Middle age can be the right time to get the perfect smile—long standing dental issues can always be fixed by consulting the right dentist or oral surgeon, and having a thorough hygiene routine can prevent even more problems from arising in the future.

Dental Care for the Elderly

Getting older poses more risks for a decline in oral health, which makes dental hygiene imperative to maintain as one ages. Make sure to regularly visit Greenville family dentistry providers not only to get cleanings and check-ups, but also to prevent health problems that arise in many seniors such as root decay, gum disease, and problems caused by ill-fitting dentures or other appliances. Other steps like regularly cleaning dentures at home and taking calcium supplements to prevent bone and tooth deterioration are good options for seniors who want to focus on improving their dental hygiene, even as they age.


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Dental Care for Seniors