Individuals in Greenville, South Carolina realize that their appearance not only has a serious impact on the way they feel about themselves but also affects the way others view them. When they look in the mirror or when others meet them for the first time, the first thing that is usually noticed about them is their smile.

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When a person is dealing with yellow or brown teeth and other cosmetic problems, this can make them feel depressed and unmotivated. Also, others may view them as less successful, less attractive, and less intelligent. Thankfully, there are a variety of teeth whitening options available that a dentist in Greenville, SC can use to help with this problem.

The first option available is whitening toothpaste. This typically contains a mild abrasive to help remove surface stains on teeth and gently polish them. Secondly, whitening rinses that may contain peroxide to help whiten the teeth are also available. The benefit of using a whitening rinse is that it not only helps to whiten the teeth but also can reduce plaque and freshen breath. Other over-the-counter options include whitening gels and strips. These are applied directly to the surface of the teeth and results are typically seen within just a few days.

The downside of using over-the-counter options is that they usually only can help to whiten the teeth by a couple of shades. The teeth whitening systems that cosmetic dentists have at their disposal offer much better results that last longer. In-office whitening is the quickest and longest lasting teeth whitening option available. Depending on the treatment, results can be seen within just 30 minutes.

There are certain cases, however, when cosmetic dentists would not recommend teeth whitening. For example, it is not suitable for individuals who under 16 years of age or for women who are pregnant. A cosmetic dentist in Greenville, SC will also look at the current state of a person’s oral health and look for things like sensitive teeth, receding gums, gum disease and exposed roots that would disqualify them from being a good candidate for teeth whitening procedures.

If a person is in good health, teeth whitening options can improve their appearance. This will give them a boost of self-confidence and improve the way others see them.

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