Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry which deals primarily with the appearance of the teeth. The cosmetic dentistry industry has grown rapidly as procedures for aesthetically pleasing teeth have been developed. Procedures such as whitening, teeth replacement, gap filling, as well as fixing the position and shape of the teeth.

Cosmetic dentists are also restorative dentists because they are able to restore the teeth that have been lost. Dentists in Greenville, SC focus on items called “The Big Three” and are known as the white, the pink, and the black. These three things are the teeth, the gums, and the gap between the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry deals with all of these, but, generally, only in regards to appearance appearance. This means that the goal of all cosmetic dental procedures is for the look, but the same procedures can also contribute to overall oral health.

design manufacturing dentistry

Computer Aided Dentistry Procedures

CAD and CAM are acronyms for the computer aided design and manufacturing of products, including teeth. Cosmetic dentistry benefits from this advancement of technology through the fast design and production of custom-made teeth replacements. Thanks to the existence of software which assists in the composition of the design of teeth, as well as the production of them, dentists are able to meet the needs of patients so that they leave with their best smile.

3d printing is also a viable option as it is now possible to print the teeth designed within minutes. There are different available materials that allow the quick printing of these teeth replacements, and these are all proven to be just as strong or sometimes even better than the old metal replacements.

Another way in which CAD and CAM helps any dentist in Greenville, SC is by being able to preview the expected outcome of procedures done on patients. This way, the patient will know what to expect even before it has been done.

The CAD and CAM Process

The CAD and CAM process is not a very long process to undergo at all. It begins with scanning a patient’s mouth. From there, the dentist proceeds to input data into the software to show a patient what he or she can expect from the procedures which they are subjecting themselves to. There are different situations that could arise after this step. It could be to the design and creation of replacement teeth, planning on the positioning of braces, or other procedures that could be shown as preview.

With technology being more accessible and convenient than ever before, people seeking cosmetic dentistry can expect more convenient and effective procedures.


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