Today, cosmetic dentistry has gained considerable prestige as many people in the general public continue to search for ways to have healthy and beautiful smiles. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the demand for cosmetic dental treatments in many practices come from an increase in referrals from current or prior patients. The trends also indicate that baby boomers who are entering their retirement years, are willing to spend the extra money to restore their smiles and look younger. However, cosmetic dentistry is not just limited to the rich and famous. Nowadays, there are many affordable and more improved treatments available to help people on a budget to improve the look of their teeth.

Caring Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Today

To meet the increasing demand for aesthetic dental procedures to reshape, replace, or brighten teeth, many dentists who practice general dentistry have incorporated various cosmetic procedures in their services. Continuing education courses have enabled a dentist with formal training in traditional dental procedures to gain experience in the latest clinical and cosmetic methods, and collaborate with other dental professionals regarding new information and the latest procedures.

Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

There have been many advancements in preventive cosmetic dentistry. New technologies allow dentists to perform less invasive procedures that allow patients to experience more natural-looking teeth. Dentists now can avoid certain traditional methods that can often cause pain and discomfort to the patients. Treatments such as dental laser and air abrasion provide patients with more comfort, as well as improved durability and appearance of the teeth.

Popular Aesthetic Dental Treatments

There are many popular cosmetic procedures that dentists offer to their patients. In a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry among dental practitioners in the country, 83 percent of the most popular treatments are divided almost equally among bonding, whitening, and veneers. Bonding is the process of using a tooth-colored filling to brighten teeth and close gaps. Veneers are used to restructure the shape of teeth and to change the color. Bleaching treatments are used to whiten discolored teeth that may have been caused by poor hygiene, medications, aging, smoking, environmental factors and regular consumption of certain types of food and drinks, such as coffee and tea.

All these developments only go to show that cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, giving everyone a good chance of improving his or her smile and appearance. Greenville, SC locals should seek the services of a caring dentist, such as Dr. Brian Derrick at Falls Park Dentistry, and enjoy the benefits of modern cosmetic dentistry.

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