Just about everyone in Greenville, SC or anywhere else is well aware of the importance of maintaining strong and healthy teeth. What many people may be less aware of is the strong connection between the health of the mouth and overall physical health. There have been many serious inquiries into this subject, and a certified dentist can help educate readers on this subject by detailing some of the information that links oral health with overall health.

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The Many Links between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Illness

Mouth bacteria can cause damage to blood vessels. According to research performed at the State University of New York, DNA fragments originating from several different types of periodontal bacteria have been found in arterial walls. This discovery strongly supports a theory which holds that bacteria from the mouth migrate into the bloodstream and can cause plaque build up on the walls of arteries.

Gum disease can cause inflammation and cytokines. Cytokines are small signaling molecules that are released by white blood cells when tissues become inflamed. If and when these molecules gain access to the bloodstream from inflamed gums, they may be capable of damaging the linings of blood vessels. This damage then leads to an increased likelihood of fatty deposits forming.

People using mouthwash to lessen these fatty deposits are able to lessen their risk of stroke and heart disease. A study published in the American Academy of Oral Medicine found that levels of LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) in a group of study participants were significantly lower than those found in control groups. Since high levels of LDL are related to the progression of atherosclerosis, having the ability to lower levels of this harmful lipid is key to saving lives.

Regular Trips to the Dentist Can Stop Periodontal Disease in Its Tracks

Not only does periodontal disease destroy teeth, impair the ability to eat, and damage bone structure, but it can also contribute to heart disease. This makes it a very scary prospect, but luckily enough a trip to the dentist can stop this process before it has a chance to develop.

Some of the services that your dentist can provide in this regard include:

  • Regular tooth and gum checkups to discover cavities and gum disorders.
  • Regularly scheduled deep teeth cleaning that gets rid of hard to reach plaque and tartar deposits.
  • Treatment for cavities and other dental issues. Additional treatments include extractions, bridges, and dental implants.

Individuals that make sure to schedule regular dental checkups with their dentists in Greenville, SC will be giving their mouths, hearts, and the rest of their bodies a helping hand.

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