Wisdom tooth impaction happens when a wisdom tooth struggles to break through or erupt through the gums. Decaying of neighboring teeth, sinus issues, deterioration of the jaw, gum decay and even cysts are all possible complications from impacted wisdom teeth.

Unfortunately, many symptoms of an impacted tooth can seem entirely unrelated. Your trusted Greenville, SC dentist can help you know the difference. In the meantime, here are three big warning signs of an impacted wisdom tooth to look out for.

1. Pain- Besides tooth and jaw pain, wisdom tooth impaction can cause major pain in some unusual areas.
Wisdom teeth are located in the back of your mouth where your lower jaw and temporal bone of your skull meet. A lot of tension can be created in that area. They are also located just under your sinus passages and can cause pressure against those passages.

See your local trusted dentist if you are experiencing pain in any of the following areas:

• Headaches
• Neck or Shoulder Pain
• Glands
• Tender Gums
• Throbbing or Rotating Pain in the Neck, Back of Mouth or Head
• Achey Jaws
• Pain in Teeth Surrounding the Wisdom Tooth
• Facial Pain
• Ear Pain

Pressure from the impacted area can affect many different areas, so even unusual pain should be considered a symptom. Often, tooth extraction is the best option for any tooth that becomes impacted.

2) Swelling- While most people expect swelling of gums or even along the jaw line for erupting teeth, there are more areas that might be affected. A big issue when it comes to these teeth becoming impacted is swelling in any of these areas:

• Around the Jaw
• Gums
• Glands in the Neck or Shoulder
• Sinuses
• Face

Swelling when experienced with pain is a huge clue that you may be suffering from an impacted wisdom tooth. Without proper care, these symptoms can become worse and lead to much bigger issues.

3) Unpleasant Tastes or Smells- Back teeth are tricky areas to clean and this is especially true as they erupt through the gums. Tiny crevices and open gums create multiple options for bacteria and debris to hide. Remember if you continuously brush your teeth and still experience the following, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist in Greenville, SC right away.

• Continuously foul smelling breath.
• Constantly having a bad taste in your mouth.
• Food consistently tasting odd or off.

When you experience odd tastes or odors coming from your mouth, particularly those originating from the area around your wisdom tooth, don’t hesitate to call your dentist.

Finding the Answers for Your Dental Health

Recognizing the 3 main symptoms that occur with impacting of a wisdom tooth can help you catch problems before they start. Should you have this problem, tooth extraction is a viable option that can be relatively quick and painless. If you have any of these symptoms or other questions about your dental health, Falls Park Dentistry is here to help. Contact our friendly staff at 864-243-8371, or on our contact page. We want to keep you smiling.


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